Our Story

We have a rare dog breed, Finnish Lapphunds. We would get excited any time we stumbled across a booth selling dog products with what appeared to be endless amounts of dog breeds. Inevitably, we would dig through all of them and never find a single Finnish Lapphund design.

If this was just an occasional issue, it would not be so frustrating. But, short of traveling to Finland, it is downright impossible to find anything here in the United States.

We're changing that!

We've started with Finnish Lapphunds, as well as the favorite dog breeds of family and friends, but we will soon be expanding to as many of the uncommon breeds as possible! No matter your dog breed, we want you to be able to show off your love and passion visibly to all of your friends!

If your dog breed is not currently listed, please contact me either through Facebook or my email! I'll prioritize the designs to help fill that void!